Looking to develop a signature style, Australian photographer Trevor Drummond forced himself to take one photograph everyday for a year. He told us how this has influenced his present work process.

TH: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
TD: My name is Trevor Drummond. I’m a 22 year old human, currently living in Tamworth, Australia. Drinker of tea, maker of photographs, and lover of light. I dabble in traditional illustration and painting, but my real passion lies with photography.



TH: How did you find your own style?
TD: Last year I challenged myself to take one photo each and every day. Forcing myself to create was surprisingly wonderful for my technical and creative growth, but the planning aspect really suffered. Most of those ideas were conceived and shot within a few hours. Nowadays, without that self-imposed time limit, I can sit on ideas for weeks and spend days setting them up.



TH: What’s your greatest source of inspiration?
TD: I’m tempted to say “Talenthouse, of course!,” but it’s not that simple. I follow heaps of artists and curators online, I listen to a lot of music, watch films, read books, visit galleries, you name it. I try to take in as much as I can, from as many places as I can. It all melds itself together in the wrinkles of my brain, and pops out as something shiny and new.



TH: Once you finished a piece of art, what do you do?
TD: I breathe a sweet, sweet sigh of relief, and make myself a celebratory cup of tea. It’s a delicious feeling to see my ideas reach their final form.



TH: Do you think artists see the world differently than people who do not create art?
TD: Everyone’s got their own perspective, and each one differs from the next, I’m sure. I think creative minded people tend to see potential where others might not. But without taking to someone’s head with a scalpel, it’s hard to know for certain. ;)








Find out more about Trevor: Website, FacebookFlickr and Instagram