A more edgy logo, slanted pack shots, a new font and orange as far as the eye can see – the redesign is giving kabel eins a modern push and underlines the channel’s straightforward and unfussy look. Brand new: testimonial Kabel Heinz, who appears as the key figure on all design elements and shortens the time between programmes with cool slogans and surprising actions.

The channel is shining bright in orange, in lots of different colour variations, accentuated on a dark violet background, in order to make the channel’s colour even more striking.

The logo gets a modern touch: the once rounded corners are gone, the 1 in the logo is even more orientated on the geometry of circles, the shadow under the 1 disappears. It does however stay as an organizing design feature: all the writings on on-air elements, such as pack shots, animated inserts etc. cast a vertical shadow, which creates space for photos and animations. The versatile font family “Nexa” adds to the retro yet modern look & feel and replaces the former “Neo Sans”.

The claim "so sieht's aus" (German for "that's how it looks") remains. Here we go, this is how it looks:



Brand Lead Oliver Rojschl on the kabel ein redesign and the birth of „Kabel Heinz“

Creative Studio: How was the idea of Kabel Heinz born?

Oliver: Kabel Heinz did already exist in our design and branding teams. „Kabel Heinz“ had always been the placeholder name fort he kabel eins viewer. We therefore decided to bring him to life in the process of the redesign.

Creative Studio: What are Kabel Heinz’ tasks?

Oliver: As a small tv station you have to be louder than the others and you have to be brave enough to polarize. Kabel Heinz is the personified version of our brand. He’s an edgy personality, who likes DIY, cooking and motorbikes. He’s bald and wears pornstar sunglasses, he’s loud, yet with a wink and he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Furthermore Kabel Heinz helps us to achieve the fine balance between retro and modern: Heinz wears a classic waistcoat, paired with jeans and a beard. This mechanism can be found in all of the channel’s communication: our goal was to reinvent the old and give it a modern touch. I think we’ve done a quite ok job.


Creative Solutions:

Oliver Rojschl (Brand Lead / Creative Director), André Otto (Design Lead / Senior Art Director), Marcello Saglimbeni (Account Executive), Emrah Akal (Art Director), Frank Brehme (Writer/Producer), Boris Breitenreicher (Audio Designer), Ute Deutschmann (Executive Producer), Christian Dorn (Senior Designer), Rudolf Hochrein (Audio Designer), Markus Holzach (Designer), Patrick März (Senior Writer/Producer), Adrian Sauer (Project Manager), Jessica Schimm (Junior Produktionerin), Dominik Schütz (Senior Writer/Producer), Paul Taylor (Head of Audio), Pascal Wilfling (Art Director), Kathrin Ziegelhöfer (Print Produktionerin)