Since the beginning of 2015 ran Boxing and Sat.1 television have an impressive line-up of top-notch boxers in their portfolio. Several world champions from different weight classes are boxing for them – reason enough to come up with an accordingly powerful campaign to officially nominate ran Boxing and Sat.1 the “Home Of The Champions”.


Interview with Steffen Rochau, project manager at CREATIVE SOLUTIONS on the “Home Of The Champions” image campaign:

Creative Studio: Could you tell us how CREATIVE SOLUTIONS runs an image campaign that big? How is it even possible to get that many famous boxers in front of the camera all at once?

Steffen Rochau: The expectations were actually quite high and there have been moments where it seemed quite impossible to meet them all. Speaking about the athletes, you have to consider that they were right in the middle of their training and we absolutely mustn’t risk them catching a cold or being injured during the shoot. Being as we shot during winter, we therefore had to find an indoor location, which could be heated within the budget. Added to that, the boxers have a tight schedule and they had to interrupt their training for the campaign shoot. If the director then gets sick the day before the shoot, things really start to get tricky!

Creative Studio: How did you save the situation? 

Steffen Rochau: Sudden failure like this naturally leads to heavy costs. Our biggest problem however was the boxer’s training interruption. Thankfully their managements agreed on moving the training to the shooting location. Four days later we finally found a new director.

Creative Studio: How was the atmosphere during the shoot? Aren’t the boxers dogged rivals?

Steffen Rochau: The concept foresaw to establish the three heroes equally, because both the boxers and their managements are keen on being portrayed in prominent way. The atmosphere on set was extremely good though, Felix Sturm and Arthur Abraham for example are real good friends, so there was lots of laughter. Even the rivals Feigenbutz and Abraham performed in a very professional way. We really were happy to hear, that all boxers agreed on the fact, that this has been the best and most professional image campaign shoot they’d ever seen.



CONCEPT: Bernhard Oberlechner, Sebastian Schwarzer, Matthias Piskernik; EDIT: Tobias Beul; PRINT: Pascal Wilfling; DESIGN: Marius Eder; AUDIO: Kurt Rehling; PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Steffen Rochau, Marcello Saglimbeni; PRODUCTION: Ute Deutschmann; IN COLLABORATION WITH: Renato Novakovic (Director) and Scanwerk (Grading)