Born in 1993 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia Nikita Kaun cemented her style in 2013. He has already worked with many streetwear brands, bands, participated in local and international exhibitions with famous artists-and he's only just beginning. 


TH: Tell us about yourself.
NK: Im self taught artist and I am 22 years old. I graduated as an engineer this year but am focusing on my art. 


TH: How much planning goes into each of your works?
NK: Depends on the task and my mood. Sometimes shape and concept of my artwork is heavily influenced by certain music tracks.  It's a full audiovisual bouquet of emotions, that pushes me in a new direction and is a rare experience. The last time it happen to me was earlier this year with a game “Hotline Miami”. I adore its visual language of violence.


TH: What’s your greatest source of inspiration?
NK: Sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, music albums, escapism as a theme, in general. Personally, I find that only negative events in life can stimulate you to do something creative, recently I found that Huxley and Miyazaki raised that question as well.  


TH: Once you finished a piece of art, what do you do?
NK: I usually feel like I could do this better. So I try to dont look at it for a day and give myself time to have it settle. 


TH: Do you think artists see the world differently than people who do not create art? 
NK: It's all about feeling the passage of time, what you will leave after you. I always wonder how my generation will be seen as many brag about themselves and consume so much without giving anything back.  





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