Dami "Puuung" Park tells stories of daily life through subtle and thoughtful drawings. Recently, Puuung was awared 3rd place in ‘Kickstarter’s illustration category.

TH: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

P: I’m a 24 year old illustrator named Puuung and I have a series called “Love Is". I currently live in Seoul in the Republic of Korea. I wanted to expand and deepen my knowledge of illustrationand I am now studying animation at graduate school. My illustration series “Love Is” is being serviced through Grafolio. Many people have shown interest in it, and as a result, I ranked third place in ‘Kickstarter’s illustration category, an achievement which was more than I deserved.



TH: How much planning goes into each of your works?

P: It takes about an hour for me to plan my work because I have to think about the scene I’m going to draw and also read up on books about architecture.


TH: What’s your greatest source of inspiration?

P: The ideas for my work come from my daily life. Stories for my work come from minor experiences I have in real life, such as when I dropped my chopsticks by mistake while having a meal. The emotions I feel in that moment, whether I’m surprised, touched, angered or felt my heart flutter, are directly transferred to my drawing. I also use my friends’ and family members’ experiences as stories for my drawings.


TH: Once you finished a piece of art, what do you do?

P: It depends. I’m still a student, so I work on school projects when I have to. When I’m not doing my school work, I meet the special person in my life and go out to eat something nice. I may roll around idly in my bed or read a book. I’m like everyone else when I’m not drawing.


TH: Do you think artists see the world differently than people who do not create art?

P: People all have different perspectives about the world. It’s not whether you are an artist or not. Everyone’s different. Everyone sees the world differently.


TH: All your artwork is inspired by love and relationship, showing a happy couple. Do you have a special person in your life and if so, does the couple in your artworks resemble the two of you?

P: Most of my happiest memories include a certain man in my life. The time I spend with him naturally become the subjects of my drawings. While most of my drawings focus on the happy and carefree moments of my life, I still do get sad and tired. However, I live a mostly happy life thanks to this special person.


TH: What, in your opinion is the key to a healthy and loving relationship?

P: Everyone loves. However, every person feels a different depth of love towards the other person. Therefore, it's difficult to say what the key to a healthy and loving relationship is. But I think it is important to remember and be grateful for even the smallest things, such as when he pours warm milk into a cup that he has warmed up for you, when he supports you so that you don't trip or makes sure that you walk on the safer side of the sidewalk while talking a walk, hand in hand. These small moments should never be taken for granted, and the gratitude you feel for his actions should always be remembered and expressed in words. Never hesitate to say "Thank you! I love you! Hearts and kisses!".








Find out more about Puuung: Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.