Well, mainly because we’d rather get on with what’s happening on the screen, rather than spending half of the movie stuck reading a book. So our Simpsons sound completely different.

In fact, we’ve been doing this for the past 25 years!

For the big anniversary week of the yellow colored family, ProSieben did something which so far, world wide, no one else has done: 

we invited the popular German voice actors to play out their characters. We put them in a completely reconstructed Simpsons living room. And we even filmed it!

The result: Five sympathetic and original Birthday spots full of wit and dejà vus. A look behind the scenes and lots of potential for debate!

Christian Giegerich (Head of Concept Creative Solutions): "not everyone here was enthusiastic about the idea at first. The whole thing could have gone very wrong as well". Fortunately it hasn't. Even though it's not clear straight away what's happening in that weird lounge, with these strangely dressed adults, the déjà-vu effect sets in pretty soon and you understand where you are: at home with the "real" Simpsons. Only that the person behind Bart surprisingly is a forty year old woman and Maggy seems to be dubbed by a middle aged pacifier-popping rock dude. 

Both concept and production of the spots have been completely done by Creative Solutions and won several prizes at the Promax International.  


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