During "The Voice of Germany," the coaches are fighting (by any means necessary) to get outstanding vocal talent on their team. That too was the case during the photoshoot for the show, which we were present for. 

Interview with Junior Art Director Franziska Wald, Creative Director Alexander Krause who acted as the director of the campaign shoot.

TH: How did you come up with the idea of this year’s campaign and what was the objective? 
FW: This year, the marketing team not only wanted to show the fight of the talents, but emphasize the battle between the coaches to win the title of “The Voice of Germany”. In doing so, the focus was supposed to be on the jurors. 
AK: We had pretty much the same objectives for the TV spot. TVOG is a well-established programme, which doesn’t need introducing. It therefore was even more important to come up with an attention-grabbing and creative concept. The idea of “the battle of the coaches” seemed to fit perfectly. We wanted to take the juror’s wrangles to the extreme.

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TH: How did you put that into practice?
FW: For the print motif we picked up that core idea and reduced it to the substantial: the battle of the coaches against each other. The result is a motif, which concentrates on the faces and the dynamics of the group. And just like the show, we didn’t want the posters and ads to be unemotional or rigid. The goal was to show the coaches how they are: sympathetic and crazy, full of banter, but nevertheless genuinely fighting for fascinating talents.


AK: We wanted to capture the fight in super slow-motion, so we used in addition to the Arri Alexa a high speed camera system (Phantom). The concept was quite challenging for both the film crew and the coaches. The storyboard foresaw glasses and vases getting smashed into pieces, decorated tables and shelves being thrown around and the coaches fighting in close combat to get the best talent on their team. Being as the shooting schedule was quite tight, most of the takes had to be perfect straight away and couldn’t be repeated. All scenes, in which glasses are flying through the room, had to be on point, we had one try with two cameras – and that was it.

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TH: And it worked out?
AK: Everyone involved knew that we could be more than happy if we managed to implement to the storyboard 1:1. Thankfully we had a professional production crew, who managed to work a logistic miracle and put the complete shooting concept into practise.

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TH: Where did you shoot?
AK: We shot in an event-location in Berlin, which we furnished and rigged for the shoot. It was quite tight. Being as we used 360° of the main room, all side rooms were filled with equipment. The crew, as well as the management, production and client had to constantly duck away and make themselves “invisible”. Naturally the coaches had their own rooms.

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TH: How was working with the stars and how was the atmosphere on set?
FW: We had a lot of fun during the photo shoot! The coaches were eager to do their job, but there was no real rivalry or airs and graces going on. We had a room full of stars, who had no problem to muck around. Rea Garvey enjoyed his placement on top, where he was able to keep his colleagues under control. Steffi pulled so many faces in front of the camera, that we almost had difficulty to get a more “normal” picture of her. Smudo got a spasm in his hand from trying to hold her back. There was lots of laughter and funny faces and we obtained three beautiful motifs for our adverts.


AK: The same was the case during our film shoot, the coaches are real professionals and it’s fun to work with them. They didn’t consider themselves too good and did all of the stunts themselves. The atmosphere on set was amazing, right from the beginning until the last minute.

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TH: How dangeous were the stunts?
AK: All Vases and glasses were custom-made, there was no danger of injury when they broke. Some of the scenes however weren’t not dangerous, because the coaches made such great effort. Michi Beck swung from the chandelier, Andreas Bourani threw himself on a serving trolley, whose wheels got stuck on some broken glass and brought him down.

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TH: Any anecdotes?
AK: Originally the spot was supposed to run backwards. But our marketing team was too worried that it might have confused the viewers. Therefore the spot is now on air running forwards.

The Voice of Germany - Kampagnentrailer 2015 from Creative Solutions on Vimeo.

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