Following your dreams isn't always an easy path to choose, but when it works- it really works.

Deciding to leave her corporate job, Turkish paper artist Sena Runa carved a new chapter in her life and put her passion for art first. "I have evolved my interest in illustrating paper art  by using the quilling technique. I love bringing fruitful colors to people's life and enjoy spreading my joy in many places around the world," Runa said. 

Quilling is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. The paper is rolled, looped, curled, twisted and otherwise manipulated to create shapes which make up designs to decorate greetings cards, pictures, boxes and scuplutres. 



TH: Where are you from and what type of art do you create?
:I was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1983. I create artworks using paper quilling technique and I design every project upon request in my hometown in Istanbul.


TH: What does your conception process look like? How long does each piece take to create?
I create a template, cut the paper strips, and begin to create the artwork. If it's something that I designed earlier (ex. Heart) it takes approx. 6 to 7 hours to finish. But if it is something that I need to create for the first time it takes much longer. Sometimes 2 to 3 days sometimes or 2 to 3 weeks!


TH: Where do you find inspiration?
Everything inspires me, a photo in social media, the music I listen, the coffee I drink..


TH: How do you present and ship your work?
After finishing my artwork, I place it in a deep frame. And for the shipment,I put it in a box and wrap it. 


TH: Do you think artists see the world differently than people who consider themselves to be a "non-artist?"
I guess we do. My friends and family usually ask my opinion for artistic and/or coloful designs. I think if you try to use your imagination, you get better with time.

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