Born in Costa Rica and presently residing in Mexico, illustrator Miguel "Monfa" Cabrera's artwork evokes an emotional response from viewers instantly. "I draw to remember who I am. My goal is to get all my thoughts (stories and drawings) out before my time runs out," Monfa says of his work. Well luckily, time hasn't run out yet. 


TH: How would you describe yourself?
I am a common person surrounded by great people. I'm Miguel Cabrera of the small country of Costa Rica. I'm a happy father and family person, I currently live in Mexico, where I work and try to grow. I am 33 years old. I am an illustrator and design factotum. I am also a Editorial Art Director and a guy with a lot of dreams that I hope to accomplish.


TH: What is your creative process?        
Monfa: My creative process takes the same time that lasts me the excitement and inspirationto finish it. I can spend weeks with an idea in the head, imagining, resolving it in myhead, analyzing every possible outcome. When I'm already satisfied with that image inmy head I draw it as soon as possible, it may take me a couple of hours or even days.Many of my ideas have come in dreams or non-creation moments. 


TH: What inspires you?
My inspiration comes from people, their stories and their conversations. Memories of my childhood, the accumulated imagination of many stories, books and friends. And similar to my workflow; it builds up in my head, taking shape little by little.


TH: Once you finished an artwork, what do you do?          
Monfa: Most of my works are personal, so I do it for pleasure (or need to get them out of my head). After finishing an illustration my inspiration or emotion of the piece ends, so that stops being priority. It's strange, but decide to stop contemplating for a while. Days after returning to see illustration, this captive again and I want to share it, show it. So I am happy and eager to start a new illustration, perhaps changing elements, setting, colors, feelings.




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