Jorge Marme is a visual artist from Tijuana, México. His work consists mostly of digital paintings inspired by otherworldly imagery that  mainly depicts cosmic, submarine and dreamlike scenes.


TH: Tell us about yourself. 
JM: My name is Jorge Marme, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Tijuana, Baja California, México, but I currently reside in Guanajuato where I'm working to get a Master’s Degree in Art & Aesthetic Theories. My artistic field is mainly focused on digital painting but I also love painting traditionally, drawing and sometimes sculpting.


TH: How much planning goes into each of your works?
J.M: I don’t do much planning before I start painting. I usually just start by doing some random scribbles and once I start seeing a shape, I follow it until I think I’m done. I think the less you plan your artistic process the more likely it is that you come up with something that feels honest, is interesting and unexpected. Planning makes me feel like I’m limiting the possibilities of what might come out!


TH: What’s your greatest source of inspiration?
JM: I LOVE things that feel ‘otherworldly,' I guess part of that is the reason why I tend to paint a lot of submarine and space related pieces, they sort of go hand in hand to me. The fact that our planet earth is mostly covered in water and we don’t know many things about it makes it very intriguing for me! Sea creatures look like they came from another planet! I also take a lot of inspiration from the feelings transmitted from literature such as the works of Neil Gaiman and HP. Lovecraft, as well from videogames, comics, movies and music. 



TH: How do you know when you have finished a piece?
JM: It usually takes me some time to decide I’ve finished a painting, I will usually flip it around, try changing its colors, experiment with textures among other things.
The moment when I’m finally happy with the result I immediately sign it, it sort of makes it official for me when I sign a painting, like the process is done.


TH: How do you see the world? 
JM: I often find myself analyzing things by color, tone, composition, contrast. The world is filled with information, smells, sounds, shapes- anything can be a source of inspiration to create a work of art!




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