Photographing people and pets, Elke Vogelsang from Hildesheim, Germany truly captures life, love and a whole of lot of teeth making for truly dynamic artwork. 


TH: Tell us about yourself.
EV: My name is Elke Vogelsang, I’m a 43-year-old people and pet photographer working and living in Hildesheim, Germany. I’m married to my best friend and we live with three Spanish rescue dogs which are my joy and inspiration. In 2011, I turned my passion into a profession in order to be able to spend more time creating things. I haven’t looked back since. My pictures are published in magazines and newspapers world-wide and my dogs, which are keen and eager models, gained a little bit of international fame. Frankly, they couldn’t care less but they love to pose for my camera and I don’t get tired in trying to show their beautiful faces and quirky sides.


TH: Talk to us about our your process. 
EV: I take pictures on a daily basis, not only for my clients, but also nearly everyday for personal projects. That way I’m able to explore ideas and try to fine-tune them. Along the way I come up with further ideas. Therefore, I don’t usually plan my work, it just happens along the way, but if I have a topic I would like to explore further, I usually don’t get tired trying to enhance the execution of the idea.


TH: What’s your greatest source of inspiration?
EV: My dogs. Their quirky and funny faces and their eagerness are my inspiration. Dogs in general are very near to my heart, but I also love to try to express the beauty and character of cats or horses in my pictures.


TH:Once you finished a piece of art, what do you do?
EV: There are some projects I like to hide for a while until I come up with a way to present them. But usually I can’t wait to get it out there and show my work. I post daily on Instagram and Facebook. By showing my work frequently, people are reminded of it and I get requests.


TH: Do you think artists see the world differently than people who do not create art?
EV: Since I take pictures I spent a lot of time outside, enjoying nature and the weather more than I would do if I didn’t have my camera with me all the time. Of course, the dogs are also a reason I am outside a lot and love nature. So, combining dogs with photography as a profession is a dream come true to me. I look at light constantly, trying to find the best light and seeing shadows and lights all the time. Sometimes I stop and look at something other people might not notice, like contrasts, textures, lines, forms, etc.




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