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About Creative Solutions
As the in-house agency of the ProSiebenSat.1 we believe that ideas are greater if you share them. To do this, we want to invite you to our Creative Studio...
Photograph "The many facets of women" for sixx
Artists from around the world are invited to submit photography celebrating the many facets of women.
Create an infographic for the science magazine Galileo
Galileo invites artists to create an infographic on the topic "What happens when riding a rollercoaster?".
Zeige dein Design beim WE LOVE DESIGN AWARD 2016, Kategorie "Communication Design"
ProSieben lädt Kreative ein, Motion-Design beim WE LOVE DESIGN AWARD einzureichen.
Zeige dein Produkt beim WE LOVE DESIGN AWARD 2016, Kategorie "Product Design"
stilwerk lädt Kreative ein, Produktdesign beim WE LOVE DESIGN AWARD einzureichen.
Zeige deine Mode beim WE LOVE DESIGN AWARD 2016, Kategorie "Fashion Design"
InStyle lädt Kreative ein, Modedesign beim WE LOVE DESIGN AWARD einzureichen.
Create pixel art inspired by "Lifestyle of the 80's"
Creators around the world are invited to design pixel art inspired by "Lifestyle of the 80's" for kabel eins.
Rebrand Kabel Eins
After almost a year of planning and hard work, the kabel eins rebrand is finally on air. Here's a look behind the scenes of a whole new orange world.
Design an ugly Christmas sweater for "Circus Halligalli"
ProSieben invites all artists to design an ugly Christmas sweater for "Circus Halligalli."
Get To Know: Trevor Drummond
Looking to develop a signature style, Australian photographer Trevor Drummond forced himself to take one photograph everyday for a year. He told us how this has influenced his present work process.
Create fighting emojis for The Voice of Germany
Artists from around the world are invited to create fighting emojis for The Voice of Germany.
Get To Know: Geeky Hooker
Knitting, stitching and crochet work are trending - especially during Christmas time. Meet crochet artist Geeky Hooker and get inspired to create a Christmas sweater for "Circus Halligalli."
Get To Know: Dami 'Puuung' Park
Dami "Puuung" Park tells stories of daily life through subtle and thoughtful drawings. Recently, Puuung was awarded 3rd place for her series "Love Is" in ‘Kickstarter’s illustration category.
Behind The Scenes: THE SIMPSONS 25th Anniversary
Welcome to Springfield Germany! Germany is one of those weird countries where movies and TV shows are entirely dubbed in post production rather than subtitled. Why, you may ask?
Get To Know: Cristian Mendoza
Argentinian artist Cristian Mendoza discovered his love for art at a very young age. Today he works as storyboard artist, 2D and 3D freelance illustrator and animator.
Get To Know: Bruno Leo Ribeiro
Meet Brazilian Art Director Bruno Leo Ribeiro who turns celebrities and bands into beloved emojis.
Create animated artwork for boxer Vince Feigenbutz
Filmmakers are invited to create a Vine, video or GIF inspired by Vince’s intention to "smash everything to bits."
Get to Know: Sylvain "Tohad" Sarrailh
After completing his studies at animation school, Sylvain Sarrailh started his career as an illustrator in an architecture agency. His artwork is a cohesive blend of architecture, cartoon and real-life.
ran - Home Of The Champions
A look behind the scenes of the powerful campaign shoot for the new boxing season on "ran Boxing" and Sat.1 television - the home of several world champion boxers.
Design a dress for Lena and Universal Music
Lena and Universal Music invite fashion designers from around the world to design a dress for Lena.
#Lenas Dress
Get To Know: Angelica Hicks
London-based illustrator Angelica Hicks blends her love of fashion and humor to create charming illustrations that are totally "share" worthy.
New image campaign for ProSieben MAXX
More soul and emotion for ProSieben MAXX. That's the aim of the new image campaigns surrounding a contemporary, male attitude towards life. Curtains up for the new TV spots ...
Official logo design for 7shop and ProSiebenSat.1 Digital
Get to Know: Johnny Duncan
Emerging from the underground art world of central Texas, right in the middle of a soon to be metropolis that spans from San Antonio to Austin.
Design the official logo for 7shop and ProSiebenSat.1 Digital
Pro7Sat1 Digital invites graphic designers from around the world to design the official logo for 7shop.
Get to Know: Steve Casino
Over the past three years, Steve Casino has made over 200 pieces of art from peanut shells. His work has become so well know that even HBO commission him to make a special "Game Of Thrones" piece.
Shoot an "electrifying" video for ProSiebenSat.1 Digital
ProSiebenSat.1 Digital invites filmmakers from around the world to shoot an "electrifying" video.
Get to Know: Giuseppe 'iosonopipo' Palmisano
Southern Italian artist Giuseppe Palmisano grew up in the theatre and in front of the camera, now he directs models and actors through his photography and feels at home behind the camera, for once.
Behind The Scenes: The Voice Of Germany
After almost 4 million viewers for it's kick-off episode, “The Voice of Germany” was a big success. Surely the TVOG image campaign played a significant role. Take a view behind the scenes of the hit show.
Get to Know: Jorge Marme
Hailing from Tijuana, México, Jorge "J." Marme is a visual artist who creates digital paintings that make you feel like you are dreaming.
Get to Know: Rezwana Hasan
Rezwanna "Liza" Hasan is very busy. A full time mother, Director of Marketing and an artist, it's hard to believe she has time to sleep! Check out Rezwanna's gorgeous artwork.
Get to Know: Lena Gnedkova
Earning both an IT and Math degree, Lena Gnedkova now adds graphic designer and illustrator to her many talents.
Promi Big Brother: Behind the scenes
Ready for the move! The final preparations for 'Promi Big Brother' are almost completed and the janitor is about to become the man of the hour ...
Get To Know: Miguel "Monfa" Cabrera
Costa Rican born illustrator Miguel "Monfa" Cabrera shows us the stories of his life- before he runs out of time.
Get to Know: Nikita Kaun
Get to know Nikita Kaun, a self taught artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia who at the ripe age of 22 years old has already exhibited internationally and worked with some killer brands!
Get to know: Elke Vogelsang
Elke Vogelsang from Hildesheim, Germany brings people, and pets to life through her creative and thoughtful photography.
Get To Know: Sena Runa
After leaving the corporate world for good, Turkish paper artist Sena Runa carved a new chapter in her life to put her passions first.
Get to Know: Josephine Cardin
Josephine Cardin is a fine art photographer working mostly in self-portraiture. Her contemporary figurative works are inspired by human themes of fear, isolation, and transformation.